It’s a journey that Danilo and Luca will take to Italy and Europe.
It’s a journey of self-discovery of limits and the desire to overcome them, or recognize them, so as to recognize the pleasure of traveling with his meetings, discoveries and emotions.
To Danilo and Luca, and their history, it is also an undertaking where this term has at least three meanings.

We’ll play tennis, we’ll fly with a hang-glider. Along with other disabled and not. We will travel by sailboats, by canoe, downhill. Sport as a challenge and as self-knowledge. And as a relationship.
Viaggio Italia is also a journey into the spinal injury rehab centers where you start to figure out how to start living again. In these places we will carry a simple message, made of examples and evidence: indipendent living is possible.
It will also be a travel with companies and their innovation ideas, with their ability to create new and concrete resources for Accessibility, with new design and functionality.

We’ll meet people who are first witnesses to feats, styles and view of life and can join with us in Viaggio Italia. They will accompany us for a while, to a city or to an event. We will bring with us their testimony.


Danilo Ragona and Luca Paiardi – They are the project creators and the travelers.

Riccardo Cipullo, Fabrizio Orsello and Paolo Mele of Verticalife – They are the organizers of the stages with their direct experience in planning outdoor sport events and adventure travels.

Carla Centonze – Fundraiser, manages relations with Partners e Sponsors.

Maybe and Fleisch Agency – Press office and public relations.

Gomitoli Digitali – Social Media and Web Site.